If you would like to commission me to bring your artwork ideas to life, I would be more than happy to help!

What sorts of commissions do you do?

I’ve drawn all sorts of things for my customers over the years, including:

  • people
  • pets
  • places
  • movie characters
  • movie posters
  • album covers
  • comic book characters
  • …and many more!

That said, I like a challenge – just ask!

Once you get in touch, the easiest way to get the ball rolling is to send me the picture, or pictures that you want me to draw, so that I can get a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Ideally this would be in the form of a digital photo file, preferably of the JPEG, PNG or TIF file types, and as high-resolution as possible.

How much will a commission cost?

I tend to use time-based price estimates, decided by three factors:

  • Size – how big, or small, is the final artwork going to be?
  • Detail – how detailed is the original image?
  • Media – will this be pencil, or ink artwork?

Each factor affects the time the artwork will take, which will then affect the final price.

There is a tradeoff between size and quality:

  • a larger artwork, e.g. A3, would enable me to draw in more detail, resulting in higher quality artwork, but would take longer and cost more
  • a medium-sized artwork, e.g. A4, might achieve a better balance of detail (quality) to price (size)
  • a smaller artwork, e.g. A5, would enable me to complete the artwork quicker and more affordably, but would result in less detail and overall quality

For example, a pet portrait @ A5 = ~8 hours of work = approximately £80 (possibly higher, or lower, depending on detail).

Other notes on pricing:

  • Once a price has been agreed, I will get started on your custom artwork as soon as possible
  • I will try to provide a rough estimate of how long the work should take me to complete, and when it should arrive
  • The price, once agreed, will not change – there are no hidden fees or surcharges (with the exception of PayPal service charges – see payment methods below)
  • So far I’ve never had to charge deposits for the artwork I do, so I hope to continue this way for as long as possible!
How long will a commission take?

From start to finish, the average commission at A4 typically takes me between 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of work involved.

I try to keep my customers informed of any important updates, as well as getting in touch if I have any further questions once the artwork is underway.

What payment methods do you accept?

I currently accept either bank transfers, or PayPal payments (which carry a 3.4% + 20p charge, which I will factor in to the final cost) – just let me know which suits you.

How much will shipping cost?

For all UK orders, shipping is free.

International orders will be charged at standard Royal Mail rates.

What mediums do you use?

I feel my best work comes when I work in pencil and ink, so I am most comfortable offering those.

Do you work in colour?

Unfortunately colour is not my forte; if this is a requirement of your artwork, then I may not be the right artist for you.

Can you sign my artwork?

Of course – if you would like your artwork signed, please just say so!