Don't worry about photorealism.

Don’t worry about photorealism

Photorealistic drawing is tough.

It takes time, patience, and practice – lots of practice!

(I think I’ve only managed to achieve photorealism once, maybe twice in my life.)

But for those who struggle with nailing the details: don’t worry about it!

I’m guilty of obsessing over detail now and again, and it has never helped my work. I’ve screwed up countless times, spent ages trying to correct the screwup, only to go and screw something else up.

“This eye looks funny!”

“This hair looks wrong!”

“This texture looks weird!”

With practice, detail will come more naturally. These days, I try to nail the light, shade and composition of a piece before tackling the detail.

The pursuit of photorealistic perfection can be self-defeating if you set out to achieve it, and don’t feel that you’ve managed. But from my experience, thoughts like these are 99% internal; barely anyone else is even considering them.

Art is imperfect, and the vast majority of people don’t concern themselves with how much or how little detail a piece of art has.

So why should you?

Think of it this way:

If you want photorealism, use a camera.

Relax, enjoy your art, and others will too.

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