Inktober ’18

As followers of my Facebook page may have seen, I have been spamming them daily participating in this year’s Inktober challenge.

For those unfamiliar with the challenge, the aim of Inktober is for people – anyone, not just artists! – to come up with creative ideas based on a series of word prompts (such as ‘exhausted’, ‘poisonous’, etc), and then bring those ideas to life through the medium of ink, before sharing them online.

I love creating pencil drawings, but the process can be fairly time-consuming. The Inktober process, however, is so quick-fire that there is simply no time to obsess over details.

You just come up with an idea, draw it, and repeat the next day!

Another rewarding part of the challenge is seeing what other people come up with, either on the official Facebook group page or through the #Inktober2018 hashtag. No two concepts or drawings are ever the same, and the variety of styles on display is truly inspiring.

We’re only one week in, and we still have some great prompts coming up, including ‘prickly’, ‘thunder’ and ‘cruel’.

(I’m pretty sure I can come up with something for all of those…!)

It’s great fun, and I would encourage anyone interested to have a go.

To see my submissions so far, check out my #Inktober2018 album on Facebook.


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